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ANDY WAUMAN: What Do You Permit To Remain?
Date: Nov 23 , 2013 - Jan 24 , 2014
For his second solo exhibition with Art Statements in Hong Kong, Andy Wauman will show new works made of metal, neon and will also project his new video.

Andy Wauman’s works speak about the possibility of freedom. They are messages with a romantic sense for anarchy and love.
In his statements, he often uses images that have been violated, multiplied and copied by commercial media. He recuperates
common metaphors and symbols and gives them back their original romantic touch or even ideological meaning. The poetic
quality is striking.

Within an upcoming movement of new young artists using the language of the social context they grew up in, with the so-called
popular culture and media as basic ingredients, Andy Wauman’s feeling for materials and authentic meaning is a marker.

In a personal statement, Wauman comments on the nature of his artistic personality: “Generally my work has it’s origins in my
conviction that a truly living culture can only arise from social structures and that the only theory a contemporary artist can feed
on is necessarily a social one. I do not recycle existing forms, I try to make new ones based on my own background. Which is
what distinguishes an artist from a marketeer. I try to inject the spontaneous energy from the street into my artistic practice, and
I create my own contribution to the ‘revolution of everyday life’ in the shape of texts and objects.
Therefor, a recurrent element
in my work is my protesting against cynicism and a preference for the sensuality and romantic value of the materials of the
street, the ones the vagabond knows better than the bourgeois. But rather than a political activist, I like to call myself a poetical
terrorist. “
AES+F: Allegoria Sacra
Date: Oct 26 , 2013 - Nov 17 , 2013
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Artist: AES+F
Giovanni Bellini’s Allegoria Sacra (Sacred Allegory) hangs in the Uffizi in Florence. The subject of this painting is a mystery to art historians. The earliest figures of Christian and ancient mythology are gathered together on a balustrade by a sea or a wide river, surrounded by hills on which can be seen, in the distance, village huts and a palazzo. St. Sebastian, the Madonna, a centaur, small children playing by a tree in the centre, a Saracen-Muslim, a man somewhat like the Apostle Paul with a sword in his hand, in the background a peasant with a mule, two beautiful ladies one of whom is St. Catherine, a naked old man reminiscent of Job - this is a far from a complete list of the heroes who Bellini brought together in this picture.

AES+F have always been intrigued by this painting. When they started to think of a third project after Last Riot and The Feast of Trimalchio, shown at the Venice Biennale in 2007 and 2009 respectively, the artists decided that a series entitled Allegoria Sacra would form the final part of a trilogy about the modern world (Hell, Heaven, Purgatory). They see Bellini’s heroes in those passengers who meet accidentally while awaiting their flights at international airports.

The airport is Purgatory. The bringing together of the incompatible (in an airport, according to AES+F) raises the question of the values of our civilisation. The crowd of Muslim migrants and the skinhead with a baseball bat, the disconnected ‘western’ passengers and the almost military unity of the Asian travellers, the adopted children of prosperous gay couples and the poor Muslim children with their families - Allegoria Sacra does not discuss recipes for happiness in different cultures, it points to the impossibility of an answer to that question.

This vision of the passengers is interwoven with a new mythological reality, where a centaur appears at the centre of a romantic battle in the desert, a superliner-dragon lands on a snowy runway, cannibals and ladies dance in the jungle and angel-stewardesses, inspired by Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey, help an elderly Job turn in to a mutant-baby. The metaphor of contemporary civilisation, with its relative values, becomes visible as a result of the surrealistic mix of images of new and ancient religions and stereotypes from the mass media, comics and fantasy. The dreams of one passenger flow in to those of another and a river completes the scene, carrying planes, mythological monsters and space stations to the horizon...
Date: Aug 15 , 2013 - Sep 30 , 2013
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Artist: AES+F
For this new summer show, we have selected artists who, through their paintings, sculptures or photography, have a strong and recognizable identity and deal with various and different subjects. Yet, at certain levels of their work, they are also all talking about art itself. This is this common link that we are highlighting in Monumental! In discovering and analyzing the layers of each of the large size works exhibited, we are revisiting important periods in the history of art, yet with a contemporary prism.
Date: Jun 19 , 2013 - Jul 20 , 2013
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Artist: Yuichi Sugai 菅井祐一
Yuichi Sugai was born in 1952 in Tokyo.
In the 1970s he was very active within the minimalist paintings movement and held, at that time, exhibitions in different galleries in Tokyo as well as art institutions such as the Kyoto Museum, Kanagawa Citizen's Gallery, etc.
In the early 1980s Yuichi Sugai studied printmaking and subsequently opened a printing studio in Tokyo that soon became a reference in Japan and overseas, working with such artists as Toeko Tatsuno, Ufan Lee, Isamu Wakabayashi, Sandro Chia, Martin Kippenberger, Donald Baechler, etc.
In the mid mid-1990s he married and moved to the United States with his new wife. He continued making prints for international artists and taught printmaking at various institutions.

After many years of hesitation and a deep will and need to create art, Yuichi Sugai decided in 2009 to produce his own work again. He developed a brand new series of works inspired by his childhood and a sense of nostalgia that currently inhabit him.
Yuichi Sugai is using a very unique medium; mixing printmaking techniques, painting and Kimono fabric to produce very original and inspiring works.
4 artists participating in the 55th Venice Biennale
Date: Apr 25 , 2013 - May 25 , 2013
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Artist: AES+F

AES+F F (Tatiana Arzamasova, Lev Evzovich, Evgeny Svyatsky and Vladimir Fridkes) has been exploring the possibilities of combining modern technology, Hollywood cinema, fashion photography, advertising, mass media, popular culture and youth obsession with the classical aesthetic of old masters’ paintings since the forming of the group in 1987, visualising and presenting a world for the viewers that is rather familiar yet mysterious and alienated. Their digital collage of real life photographs and animated landscape/objects blurs and defies the line between reality and fantasy, history and time, constructing a futuristic mythological metaphor for the present through their glamorous, seductive yet alarming, artificially hyper-realistic imageries.

AES was first formed in 1987, and in 1995 it became AES+F; the artists currently live and work in Moscow. The State Russian Museum in St. Petersburg held the first ever mid-career retrospective for the group from May to July 2007. In recent years, they have also been exhibited extensively worldwide, including The Cobra Museum of Modern Art in the Netherlands, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Casino Luxembourg - Forum d'art contemporain, the 4th Gwangju Biennale in South Korea, Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney, Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and they already participated in the 53rd and 52nd Venice Biennale where they co-represented Russia at the national pavilion.


Born 1959 in Australia, Dale Frank's career spans more than twenty years. In 1984 he was included in the Aperto section of the Venice Biennale. Returning to Australia, in 1990 he was included in the 8th Biennale of Sydney. A major solo retrospective of his work was held at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney in 2000. His paintings are held in every major public collection in Australia and in numerous private and corporate collections in Australia, Europe and the U.S. In 2005 Frank won The Arthur Guy Memorial Painting Prize at the Bendigo Art Gallery, Victoria. A major new monograph on Frank’s work So Far: The Art of Dale Frank 2005-1980 was published in 2007.


Amano was born in 1952 in Shizuoka City, Japan. Always fascinated by drawing, he joined the early Japanese anime movement in 1967, working on character design for a number of Japanese TV programs, including Gatchaman (G-Force), Hutch the
Honey Bee and The Time Boken. Later on Amano designed the world famous video game Final Fantasy. Being one of the fathers of the “anime” esthetic, Amano inspired a whole generation of Japanese contemporary artists including Takachi
Murakami and Mr. who ofter refer to his work in their productions. Since 2002, Amano is active producing amazing contemporary paintings. He has exhibited his art in prestigious museum and galleries worldwide, including MOCA Shanghai, the Orlean Museum of Art in France, Tokyo’s Uenonomori Museum, The Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York, MOCA Taipei, Germany’s Kunstverein Heilbronn, the Barbican Centre in London, The Singapore Art Museum and the Louisiana Museum in Denmark.


Born Shantou China 1962 & now lives & works Beijing & Australia. His Oil works are complex & inclusive art language - It neither purely abstract nor purely expressive whilst being both conceptual and realistic. Currently Chen Ping works mix Western Configurative and Pictorial structures with the spirit of Eastern space & mark making. His subjects are derived from Chinese ancient philosophy and mythology & the beauty of the Tasmania Landscape where Chen Ping mostly lives.

Through the depiction of human structures integrating into vast landscapes (and sometimes animals) Chen Ping tries to visualize the modern tension between mankind & his environment & to explore then Ancient Chinese Philosophic Concept
“Man & Universe Are One”. Chen Ping works are collected in Guangdong Museum of Art, White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection Sydney, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Davis Museum Spain, Popov Private Collection Russia Held solo exhibitions in NYC, Los Angeles, Sydney, Melbourne, Hong Kong & group exhibition in Shanghai & Beijing, & within
international Art Fairs in Basel, NYC, Chicago, Hong Kong.
Date: Feb 20 , 2013 - Mar 20 , 2013
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Artist: Pascal Lièvre
Whether it is through his “silhouettes” paintings or his much acclaimed videos such as ‘Abba Mao’, ‘Axes of Evil’ and ‘Savoir Aimer’, Pascal Lièvre (born in 1963 in Lisieux, France) re-appropriates himself icons of pop culture and mixes them to create a new language. He constantly scraps out famous historical art works from all their geometrical structure and background in his paintings, keeping only the main character’s silhouette(s) to produce new minimalist, updated, familiar yet puzzling works. His paintings are a reflection on the History of Art as well as about all things we may take for granted, seeing them always from the same angles but once these angles change, then we will discover a whole new world.

His “karaoke” videos follow the same path as he mixes pop songs with key 20th and 21st century historic speeches and texts as a political tool to speak with wit about current and passionate issues. Interestingly, the subjects he treats are serious and deep but the new language he creates brings them into a new pop dimension. ”. In 2004, on average, his videos were being
Deva Loka Redux
Date: Nov 22 , 2012 - Feb 20 , 2013
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Artist: Yoshitaka Amano
Amano was born in 1952 in Shizuoka City, Japan. Always fascinated by drawing, he joined the early Japanese anime movement in 1967, working on character design for a number of Japanese TV programs, including the series Kashaan and Tekkaman.

Some of Amano's masterpieces are deeply rooted in people’s heart such as Gatchaman, Honey Bee and The Time Boken. Amano continues to inspire us with his recent works, such as the world acclaimed Final Fantasy series. Amano has won several prestigious awards including the Seiun Award in 1983 and the Julie Award, Dragon Con Award and the Eisner Award in . He was also nominated that same year for the Hugo Award.

Amano has exhibited his art in prestigious museum and galleries worldwide since 1989, including the Orlean Museum of Art in France, Tokyo’s Uenonomori Museum, The Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York, Germany’s Kunstverein Heilbronn and the Barbican Centre in London.

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