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Weng Fen and Yang Yong
Date: Nov 3 , 2006 - Dec 29 , 2006
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Artist: Weng Fen 翁奮
All major cities in Mainland China are facing and dealing with urbanisation and globalisation one way or the other, and the country's rapid social and economic changes are influencing and inspiring many contemporary Chinese artists working nowadays. Although, on the surface, Weng Peijun (Weng Fen) and Yang Yong's photographs may seem rather different in terms of their settings and style, their subject matters are the reflection of these issues and are undoubtedly evident in their works; both of them have certainly captured not the obvious, but the essence of these profound changes through their lenses.

The transitional phases and changes in China since its opening up in the 1980's, both physically and emotionally, have been the source of inspiration for Weng Peijun (Weng Fen) and his work. In his earlier series 'Sitting on the Wall' and 'Bird's Eye View', Weng's epic images focus on the upraising of urbanism in cities such as Haikou, Shanghai and Shenzhen. His subjects start out as outsiders looking into this overwhelming transformation with anticipation, fear and curiosity to being in the centre of it all. Weng then follows and evolves inwardly, shifting his attention from physical changes to emotional and spiritual transformations, from urban cities to rural countries, exploring the possibility of finding an otherworldly utopia, a place that may have existed all along in our hearts and minds, in our memories and those innocent times, which results in the acclaimed 'Staring at The Sea' series.

This exhibition will present Weng's stunning and breath-taking new series, 'Staring at The Lake', for the first time internationally. All images in this series are taken in England's Lake District and represent a new beginning in his search of the imaginable utopia. Weng once again evolves from his subject matters, tackling the issues of travelling, migration and globalisation affecting China and its people with the same sensibility and precision shown in his previous works.

Weng Fen has been exhibited worldwide in Asia, Europe and America, including the Pompidou Centre in Paris, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Shanghai Art Museum, the Taipei Museum of Contemporary Art, the Mori Museum in Tokyo, the Kunstmuseum Wolfsburg in Germany, the International Centre of Photography in New York and the Singapore Art Museum.

Yang Yong, an up-and-coming young Chinese artist based in Shenzhen, one of the financial centres of China, has created a world that is somewhat dissimilar to the usual images of China we have come to expect. His portraits of girls standing in the street of Shenzhen recall the school of Western intimate photography. His artificial-lit, semi-staged images are in collaborations with his subjects, and most of them usually convey emotions such as boredom. These hearken to not only the genre of intimate portraits such as those done by Nan Goldin, but also fashion and lifestyle magazines of the 1990's. The images often suggest a sense of 'waiting' for nothing in particular, in strong contrast of China's newfound vibrant and glossy surroundings, as the representation of the current Chinese urban youth culture.

Yang has exhibited in numerous international biennials and institutions such as the Venice Biennial, the International Centre for Photography in New York and the Guangzhou Triennial. The exhibition at Art Statements will include images from various stages in his career as an artist, covering the period between 1999 and 2005. It will be a rare opportunity to see the fascinating artistic development of this promising Chinese artist.

Yoshitaka Amano
Date: Sep 9 , 2006 - Oct 29 , 2006
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Artist: Yoshitaka Amano
Amano was born in 1952 in Shizuoka City, Japan. Always fascinated by drawing, he joined the early Japanese anime movement in 1967, working on character design for a number of Japanese TV programs, including the series Kashaan and Tekkaman. Some of his masterpieces are deeply rooted in Hong Kong people’s heart such as Gatchaman, Honey Bee and The Time Boken.

Amano continues to inspire us, with his recent works, such as the world acclaimed Final Fantasy collection. Amano won several prestigious awards including the Seiun Award in 1983 and the Julie Award, Dragon Con Award and the Eisner Award in . He was also nominated that same year for the Hugo Award.

Since 1989, Amano has exhibited his art in prestigious museum and galleries worldwide including France’s Orlean Museum of Art, Tokyo’s Uenonomori Museum, The Angel Orensanz Foundation in New York, Germany’s Kunstverein Heilbronn and London’s Barbican Art Centre.
Date: Jun 2 , 2006 - Jul 16 , 2006
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Artist: Pascal Lièvre
Whether it is through his “silhouettes” paintings or his much acclaimed videos such as ‘Abba Mao’, ‘Axes of Evil’ and ‘Savoir Aimer’, Pascal Lièvre (born in 1963 in Lisieux, France) re-appropriates himself icons of pop culture and mixes them to create a new language. He constantly scraps out famous historical art works from all their geometrical structure and background in his paintings, keeping only the main character’s silhouette(s) to produce new minimalist, updated, familiar yet puzzling works.

His paintings are a reflection on the History of Art as well as about all things we may take for granted, seeing them always from the same angles but once these angles change, then we will discover a whole new world. His “karaoke” videos follow the same path as he mixes pop songs with key 20th and 21st century historic speeches and texts as a political tool to speak with wit about current and passionate issues.

Interestingly, the subjects he treats are serious and deep but the new language he creates brings them into a new pop dimension. ”. In 2004, on average, his videos were being shown on a monthly basis, in at least five different locations or events all over the world.
Jet Lag in Hong Kong
Date: May 4 , 2006 - May 30 , 2006
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Artist: Barthélémy Toguo
Barthélémy Toguo was born in Cameroon in 1967 and studied Fine Art in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. He moved to Europe in 1993 and began exhibiting and doing performances while finishing his studies in Grenoble (France), then Dusseldorf (Germany).

Political geography and personal boundaries have been an implicit subject in his studio work and an explicit one in his performances. On one hand, his watercolours provide a strong visual beats, using a limited repertory of images and colours to depict a dreamy world of human, animal and vegetal metamorphosis. On the other hand, the facture of his large scale installations is generally rough and quick and underline humans conflicts, paradoxes and extremism. His deft appropriations may be seen as an inversion of the historic pillaging Africa underwent during the colonial period.

Toguo recently had a solo exhibition, "The Sick Opera", at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris. The show included his work from 1999 to 2004. He has exhibited in many other prestigious museum, galleries and Biennials internationally such as The Bass Museum of Art in Miami, Centre George Pompidou in Paris, The Houston Museum of Art, The Guangdong Museum of Art, The Migros Museum in Zurich and The Palazzo Strozzi in Florence for the past four years. Selected solo and group exhibitionstest test.
Deborah Paauwe
Date: Apr 4 , 2006 - Apr 25 , 2006
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Artist: Deborah Paauwe
Deborah Paauwe is one of the most successful young photomedia artists in Australia today with her distinctive images exploring the nexus between childhood, adolescence and adulthood. Now, still only 33, she is ranked amongst the top ten most collectable photomedia artists in the country.

Recent exhibitions include Dutch Under, Canvas International Art, Amstelveen, Netherlands; The Children’s Hour, Museum of New Art (MONA), Michigan, USA and Crash (and other earthly pleasures), 2006 Perth International Arts Festival, Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, The University of Western Australia. Deborah has recently been commissioned by the Australian Wool Industry to create a work for Sydney Fashion Week which will feature in an exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, Australia and will tour Paris, Milan and Shanghai.

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