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Salvador Dali - Born in 1904
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Art Statements represents in Hong Kong the John Heinz collection of sculptures by Salvador Dali. John Heinz has always admired Dali and was able to finally meet him in 1979. Another encounter, with Robert Descharnes, laid the basis for friendship that would guide John Heinz and his wife Hannah through Daliísmysteries for twenty years. Together, they appreciate the less-known aspect of Salvador Daliís work: the splendour of the three-dimensional.

Like Picasso, whom he admired, Dali had a polymorphous approach. Today, John Heinz holds the rights to eight sculptures, and collaborates with the Dali Foundation in Figueras for sculptural works.This collection of sculptures perfectly illustrates Daliís insatiable creative drive and his total mastery of passing from an object to an invention, a drawing, a painting or a sculpture. The Heinz collection includes two angels Ė one surrealistic and the other cubist, a Twisted Christ, an Otorhinological, Head of Venus, a Zootrope Model, a Sculptural object called Sublime Moment, a Night Table and a Head of Beethoven. Each sculpture is the epitome of refinement in both its physical aspect and its iconographical meaning. The sculptures refer to the subjects and questions that fascinated Dali: science, mathematics, religion, spirituality, dreams, the subconscious, surrealism, the ready-made, historical events,
fetishism, objects, nature and the culture of his native Catalonia.
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