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Pascal Lièvre
Available works
Whether it is through his “silhouettes” paintings or his much acclaimed videos such as ‘Abba Mao’, ‘Axes of Evil’ and ‘Savoir Aimer’, Pascal Lièvre (born in 1963 in Lisieux, France) re-appropriates himself icons of pop culture and mixes them to create a new language. He constantly scraps out famous historical art works from all their geometrical structure and background in his paintings, keeping only the main character’s silhouette(s) to produce new minimalist, updated, familiar yet puzzling works. His paintings are a reflection on the History of Art as well as about all things we may take for granted, seeing them always from the same angles but once these angles change, then we will discover a whole new world.

His “karaoke” videos follow the same path as he mixes pop songs with key 20th and 21st century historic speeches and texts as a political tool to speak with wit about current and passionate issues. Interestingly, the subjects he treats are serious and deep but the new language he creates brings them into a new pop dimension. ”. In 2004, on average, his videos were being shown on a monthly basis, in at least five different locations or events all over the world.
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Public and Private Collections
Selected solo and group exhibitions
Body Mix, Place Forte, Paris, France. What's in your Head, GASP Gallery, Boston, USA. Respublica, Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Russia. Bad Romance, Galerie Quang, Paris, France. Le Banquet de Blanche Neige, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France. In The Loop, Comtemporary Art Video from the EU. National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC, USA
Illusions, Art Statements, Hong Kong. Ingres et les Modernes, Musee Ingres, Montauban, France. Now What, Insa Art Space, Seoul, Korea. La Force de l'Art, Grand Palais, Paris, France.
Hallucination, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, Holland. Le Fil du clavair, Galerie Quang, Paris, France. Group Show, Art Statements, Hong Kong.
Intrasection, Espace 315, Paris, France. Etape 1, Galerie Quang, Paris, France.
Popstars, Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong Popstars, Festival Walk, Hong Kong
Popstars, Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong. Popstars, Festival Walk, Hong Kong. Open, Galerie a Vendre, Nice, France. Oracles et Magie, Galerie Quang, Paris, France.
Paintings Art Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands “Women Portraits”, Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong Déjà vu, Preview Art Fair, Berlin, Berlin, Germany H20, Galerie Quang Paris, France Video Festival Nouveau Cinéma montréal, Canada La Galerie du Haut Pave, Paris, France Milano Film Festival. Schermi dal Mondo VIDEOFORMES with Savoir aimer, Milan, Italy L’axe du mal au centre d’arts plastiques et visuels de Lille, France Prog : ME 1st Festival of Electronic Media, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Nuits des musées Musée des Beaux-Arts de Reims FRAC Champagne Ardennes, France Nuit Blanche Paris, Lavoir moderne parisien. Paris, France Invideo, Savoir Aimer in compétition . Milano, Italy XVIIIème Rencontres intl. de la création vidéo et de la poésie électronique, Marseille, France Mots d’ordre mots de passe à l’espace Paul Ricard, France
“Oops, I did it again”, Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, The Netherlands FIAC, Paris, France “Face Off”, Lyndsay Skeegan Gallery, New York, USA ARTISSIMA, Turin, Italy « Mauvais Genre », Gallery Quang, Paris, France « Ombres Chinoises – Chinese Shadows », Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong Video Populaire – Art Center Le PArvis, Pau, France 33rd International Film Festival Rotterdam, The Netherlands Borderline Transvidéos, le Twins, Paris, France Cosmology of an image # 8 with vidéoformes, Kobe, Japan Video.game.04 festival of Mexico, Mexico Mkode Wideo Francuskie with videoformes, Poland Ecole supérieure d'art de Mulhouse, Mulhouse, France Festival Némo, Toulouse, France Rhizome, Torcy, France Vidéoformes XIX, Clermont-ferrand, France S1 I’d rather Jack, Londres, UK Festival Gay et Lesbien, Bordeaux, France Chapoulicinéma (FRAC Champagne-Ardennes), Reims, France
Galerie Christine Phal, Paris, France Galerie Alma, Montpellier, France Le triage Lignes Singulières –Art Paris, Centre d’art contemporain, Paris, France Galerie Roger Castang, Perpignan, France Video "Le musée revisité" Musée Antoine Lécuyer St Quentin, France Festival Némo, Toulouse, France Rencontres internationales Paris Berlin, Paris, France Le Cube, Issy les moulineaux, France Cinémathèque de Montréal Next, Montréal, Canada Le festival francophone de Vienne Next, Vienna, Austria Ipso Facto, Nantes, France La nuit vidéo avec le forum itinérant, Strasbourg, France F.R.A.C. Champagne Ardennes, Reims, France One month video Pascal Lièvre, D’Konschtkescht, Luxembourg Pas vu, Pas pris, Paris, France Festival Retina, Hungary Museum of modern art, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Octobre Rouge, D’Konschtkescht, Luxembourg FCNM, Montreal, Canada Rencontres internationales Paris Berlin, Berlin, Germany Association Casa, Agen, France VideoLisboa Festival, Lisbon, Portugal CCCB, Barcelona, Spain Si on chantait, Paris, France Galeria do poste, Niterói, Brazil
Video Festival Némo, Paris, France 48 heures Aperto, Montpellier, France Vidéoformes Clermont Ferrand, France Videokiosque 01 Le Parvis centre d’art contemporain, Pau, France Galerie Window, Paris, France C.A.C. Espace Croisé, Roubaix, France Lieu Unique, Nantes, France Vidéogrammes Vidéochroniques, Marseille, France Galerie eof, Paris, France Espace d'art contemporain, Annecy, France F.R.A.C, Reims, France Festival Résistance Vidéo, Auxerre, France Festival international Retina Sellye, Hungary Cité des Ondes, Montréal, Canada Center Visual Culture Ogledalo, Kraljevo, Yugoslavia Transat Vidéo, Centre d’art contemporain Hérouville St Clair, France Nuit blanche Aux Pompes Funèbres, Paris Lieux dits, Paris, France M.A.M.A.C., Nice, France Festival Ovarvidéo, Portugal Musiques Volantes, Metz, France Espace croisé centre d’art contemporain, Roubaix, France Mostra Invidéo, Milano, Italie Backup Festival, Weimar, Germany Festival International de Manosque, France Galerie Quang, Paris, France 16ème Rencontres Vidéo art plastique, C.A.C. de Basse-Normandie,Caen, France Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, CCCB, Barcelona, Spain
Paintings Weisser Elefant Gallerie, Berlin, Germany Installation Cathédrale de la Tourette, France Galerie Christine Phal, Paris, France Galerie Roger Castang, Perpignan, France Video Mission An 2000 présentation sur www.inconnu.net (Site of fabrice Hybert) Vidéochroniques, Marseille, France Cinémathèque, Saint-Etienne, France Festival Estavar-Llivia, France-Spain Musée d’Art Contemporain de Marseille, Marseille, France 58 films cash - Galerie Apocope Hybridations, Marseille, France Festival du cinéma différent, Paris, France
Paintings Ombres, Galerie Kanas’h, Bruxelles, Belgium Parcours Marais installation d'une vitrine d'ombres chez Agora, Paris, France

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