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Artist Biography
Helge Leiberg - Born in 1954
Available works
Helge Leiberg has been one of the leading figures in German contemporary painting for the past 15 years. He easily navigates between the fine arts and applied arts. He has realised dance performances for many years, held readings, and at one point, even created a stage environment with his drawings overhead projections for an opera. Helge Leiberg draws his inspiration from a wide range of genres and themes, putting his unmistakable signature on conventional artistic media such as paper and canvas.

Since 1993, Helge Leiberg has had ongoing exhibitions in various prominent galleries and museum worldwide such as New York's Gallery Neuhoff, Berlin's Michael Schultz Gallery, Madrid's Galerie Arnes y Ropke and the Nicolaikirche Museum in Berlin or Moscow's Tretjakow State Gallery. His paintings can also be found in over 30 prestigious museum collections such as the National Museum of Germany, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Markisches Museum in Berlin.
Award / Grants

Public and Private Collections
Selected solo and group exhibitions
Baiksong Gallery, Seoul, Korea Art Statements Gallery, Hong Kong "German Figurative Painting", Neuhoff Gallery, New York, USA
"Zeitfuhlung", Museum for Yung Art, Frankfurt, Germany "Beijing Biennale", Beijing, China "Paint it Loud", Galerie Peter Tedden, Oberhausen, Germany "Wild Jump", ArtCabinet, Regensburg, Germany "Blindband", Mannheim's Culture Circle, Germany "Bedacht", Art Forum, Halberstadt, Germany "Fur Volker", Cultural Center of Sao Lourenco, Portugal Kunsthalle Brennabor, Brandenburg, Germany "Ikarus. Ein Mythos im geteilten Deutschland", Cubus Kunsthalle, , Germany
"Ikarus. Ein Mythos im geteilten Deutschland", Gotha Castle Museum, Germany "New Berlin", Galerie Jorg Hasenbach, Antwerp, Belgium "Codex", Nicolaikirche Museum, Berlin, Germany Shilling Contemporary Museum, Stuttgart, Germany "Ikarus. Ein Mythos im geteilten Deutschland", Winckelmann Museum, Germany "Contemporary Art", Galerie Peter Frey, Wien, Austria "Kunstler sehen Golf", Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany
"Berlin-Moskau 1950-2000", Tretjakow State Gallery, Moscow, Russia "Kunstler sehen Rot", House of Art, Munich, Germany "Obras Recientes", Galerie Arnes y Ropke, Madrid, Spain " Sprunge", Galerie Epikur, Wuppertal, Germany "Sturmische Ankunft", Galerie Weilinger, Salzburg, Austria "Kunst in der DDR", New National Gallery, Berlin, Germany
"History Revisited", Elizabeth Leach Gallery, Portland, USA "Positionen I", Galerie Michael Schultz, Berlin, Germany "Nord Express", Museum of Contemporary Art of Pernambuco, Brazil "Garagen Art", Galerie im Hansesaal, Lunen, Germany "Apocalypse Cow", Cultural Center, Sao Lourenco, Portugal "Idyllische Verbindung", Galrie Scheffel, Bad Homburg, Germany

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